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Strong team with strong knowledge

SattvaQ IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, has expertise team in the field of Software Applications development.

Our team can help clients by understanding their problems/requirements in-deep to provide/develop better solutions.

Our capabilities with industry needs can enlarge scope of business.

Our services are at hand pick price. We love our work so we delivery hearth touching services/solutions.

Strong at responsive web applications and mobile apps development with advanced technology stack.

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We are using the latest technologies

For most secure and reliable applications we are using latest and most trustable technologies only

For developing responsive front view pages of website we are using latest CSS and Java Script framework technologies like JQuery, BootStrap, Angular JS, Backbone JS etc...

We are using Java, Dot Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails are most trusted programing languages to develop secure and reliable applications

To speed up application development we are using frameworks like SPRING, Struts,Scala, Hibernate, Larvel, Zend, React, React Native etc...

We do using Objective-C, Swift, Android, React Native to develop and migrate mobile applications. Strong at PUSH and REST API technologies.

Strong at CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. We do developing of e-commerce platforms like Magento, Opencart etc...

Our Services

We do valuable & committed services from starting to the ending

Mobile Applications Development

Due to fast growth in mobile industry, every business need Mobile App to enhace their services. We do mobile applications development with passion and love to meet your requirements. We craft mobile app for your idea from seed to make big tree.

Web Applications Development

We help you to create responsive websites for your business, personal or for new idea. We understand client requirements indeep and then we support them to get web application in thier financial beyonds. Our development cost includes free maintainance, hosting support also can be provided.

Migration of Applications

If your existing application is facing continues errors due to old technologies, then we can help you by redeveloping your application with new & advanced technologies without loosing your existing data.

CMS Platform Themes Development

Opensource is ruling industry, especial in Content management systems. We can develop, integrate, customize popular CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal but not to limit. CMS helps you to update with your content via blogs, so that you can always be in touch with your clients.

Opensource E-commerce Platroms

This is the right time to convert your phisical shop/store into online shop, where you can epand your business beyond the limits. We can help you to setup online shopping site for your existing business. We can creat custome site or we setup with popular opensource e-comerce platforms like Magento, Opencart etc...

UI & UX Designing

It is prooven that good design of website, mobile app, presentation can help to gain more success in business. We help you by create most user friendly natured wireframe screens for your applications. We can create innovative posters for your idea presentation.

Our Products

We do valuable & committed services from starting to the ending

RunRabbit.in ( website and Mobile App )

is an online Grocery Deliver Paltform in India.

We have developed this with at most speed in loading with local storage feature of browser

We have used JAVA, SPRING, Hibernate and PHP for developing this application.

We have developed RunRabbit.in with responsive nature by using Material Design Concept.

We have developed android app for this application with WebView concept.

Go to RunRabbit.in

Available on
Google Play
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Mobile outline


Life time free Academic Management System

EdJil.com is useful managing regular operations at Educational Organizations.

We have been using Java, MVC Frameworks like Spring MVC, Hibernate, REST API, MYSql Database Server etc...

We are using Ctrls and AWS cloud services to manage server operations

We using SendGrid and MailChimp for transactional and promotional mails, we are using MSG91 SMS gateway for SMS operations

To develop mobile applications for supporting Android and iOS , we are using React Native Framework of Facebook

Go to EdJil.com

MYPPT - Cloud based Powerpoint Tool

is a cloud based powerpoint tool

OpenShift PAAS used for hosting this application, openshift is the cloud service provider from RedHat.

This application developed by using JSP, servlet, AJAX, JQuery, Bootstrap technologies.

This application is useful for organizations or individuals for preparing PPT and sharing to anyone.

To develop this we have used Eclipse along with Openshit tools.

Currently this application is supporting with limited features, expect more feature in very soon.

Go to MyPPT

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Teaching Faculty Job Search platform

TeachingRays.com helps teachers/faculty to search for best teaching jobs available in their required locations.

We have used PHP to develop Faculty and Organization Module, we have used Java with JSP and servlets to develop admin part of application.

MySQL database server used to store details about jobs, faculties, organizations etc...

Our services are at hand pick price. We love our work so we delivery hearth touching services/solutions.

Currently this site is deprecated due to upgrading to new features.

Project OwnerShip

Rennovative Internship Program

You can learn and work for yourself, for your idea and for your IT product.

You can start your IT start-up product into the business market.

You can gain a real insight into the world of work, allowing you to build on the theory you learned at university and helping you to gain practical skills that will help strengthen your CV and make you more employable.

Project Ownership offer you the chance to test your skills in real-life situations, explore your career options and gain an insight into an organisation or career path. Your career aspirations may change when you’re faced with the true realities of project development nature.

Go to Project Ownership

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About SattvaQ

SattvaQ IT Solutions Pvt Ltd registered with Government of India as IT/Software Company.

SattvaQ is synonym for Trustness with Quality, which merged with the word "Sattva" & the letter "Q - stands for Quality. The word "Sattva" means trustness ( from Sanscrit Language). We enhancing trustness with our quality services.

SattvaQ core satisfaction model is delivering quality, smart, sensible and real useful products to our clients and society with respect and responsibility.

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