Our Work / Projects

We develop beautiful applications with passion and love.
Here are the list of projects we done.


Online Grocery Store

RunRabbit.in is an E-commerce application based on advacned technologies like Java, Spring, PHP and RDBMS. This application is hosted at CRTLS server (cloud server).
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Ubi Foods

Food deals finder in Canada

Delight your taste buds with Ubifood. The foodies eco-friendly and must have app that allows you to find great food at bargain prices around you and in real time! .
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One stop solution for education system / organizations

Edjil makes operations easy in education sector. Edjil is useful for different types of organizations to manage operations digitally.
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Cloud based PPT tool

This concpet/application is merged with Edjil.com , MyPPT is a cloud based system to create powerpoint presentations, then PPT can be shared, can access from any device. With this tool users can create device independent PPT.
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Teaching/Non teaching jobs portal

This is a platform for faculty to find best placements which match to their profile. Currently this tool is merged with Edjil.com. Organizations or departments can find best faculties and can contect with them. Sends automatic mails and messages about job details to job seeker.
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AI based news aggregator

As name as simple, main intention of this application is to make news accessible based on intrest. News intrets can be generated/created by using AI algorithms and Data mining techniques. This application shows the very recent news only. To make user satisfaction 123ne.ws is mainly focusing on news connection and speed of news delivery.
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News portal

Manachannel.in is a news channel maintaining by most experienced people to deliver genuine news to the public.
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Reminder system

One of the best remider system for personal life, career life and business life activities.
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